29 June 2005

DCU @ The Second City: The Experts Weigh In.

Tonight, DCU is in Chi-Town to face the fire. This is the first time DCU has faced the Fire since L'Affair Thornton at RFK. Now, as you recall, Mr. Thornton took down Mr. Moreno after Mr. Moreno buried a PK. There's a video link to this event in the comments section of the link above. At the time, The DCenters indicated that Mr. Thornton should have been sent off for the incident. However, league discipline meant that nothing happened to him. The DCenters was not calling for a fine or suspension, so this didn't bother us much as the lack of the straight red.

Yet, we realize that we are somewhat biased towards DCU in such cases. So, to restore some impartiality, we asked our expert on MLS Standards in Discipline, Ms. Gwen Stefani, to comment. Gwen, what do you think of the lack of a red card for Mr. Thorton?

That shit is Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Thank you, Ms. Stefani.