22 July 2005

Bruce Arena, Renegade - 2 USMNT : Honduras 1

Here's what I liked about the USMNT's win over Honduras:
  • The US wasn't in top form, and gave up multiple chances in the back.
  • They were behind for 85 minutes.
  • They pressed from about the 60th minute onward, leaving only one guy back with Kasey Keller.
  • The way the telefutura announces love saying certain names: Landon Donovan, DeMarcus Beasley, Kasey Keller. Can't just use the last name, oh no, it sounds much more beautiful with a spanish accent in full.
  • The very sedate Bruce Arena got a red card. I didn't know he knew how to say "Give me a fucking break over the calls, cocksucker" in so many languages.
  • They still won. And Bruce can serve his red card suspension in a non World Cup qualifying game (otherwise I imagine we're frantically trying to schedule a friendly against Canada)

Seriously, yesterday's game may not have been top form soccer, but the result was wonderful. My wife loved the game, and as you know, the Significant Other test is a key one when evaluating a game. The last game she absolutley loved watching was the 4-3 PK DCU win over the Revs in the Eastern Conference final, which we attended. That convinced here that there was something to this entire soccer thing I have.


At 22 July, 2005 16:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely a thriller last night. I really thought we were about to be humbled by lowly Honduras. You have to give the Hondurans credit... they played their asses off, and did so with great creativity. Where was that in qualifying last year? So long, suckers.

And the DC-NE playoff game last year will hold up as one of the greatest matches in MLS history.


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