25 April 2007

Addition Through Adderly

WELCOME THE NEW NICK: Steve Goff reports that forward Nicholas Adderly is signed. I imagine this is something you probably won't notice this year unless you attend reserve games, which we certainly intend to do. If we see anything of interest, we'll let you know. Look, this is a shot that if it pays dividends, it'll be in a year or two, and if it doesn't? Well, that's why you have the reserve league.

BRADLEY - "MORENO MUST IGNITE": Jeff Bradley at MLSNet sez: "show me a good D.C. team, I'll show you a productive Jaime Moreno." Well, true as far as it goes, but we'll see. Moreno doesn't have the tear up the league for us to be successful. Productive, sure, but "all-star forward" - mebbe not.

UPCOMING ON DCENTERS: We're trying to get an expert to come in on Thursday or Friday for the Columbus game, and we'll have a game briefing on Friday or Saturday morning. Also, I'm working on a new feature that I hope will be somewhat cool, and I hope to have a version up either today or tomorrow.

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