28 July 2005

You want to make it interesting, Chelsea?

It's a preseason game for Chelsea, nothing on the line but pride, right? So let's up the stakes in the pride column. I have challenged Chelsea blog to the following:

Open Challenge to the Chelsea Blog Admins here. Let's make tonight'ss game a little more interesting. If you win, I will display two links in Chelsea's colors at the top of my links column: the phrase "Chelsea Won" linking to Chelsea's home page, and the final score which would link to a post here gloating about the win. If DCU wins, you will link in DCU's colors (red,black,white) to DC United's home page with the words "DC United Won" and the final score linking to a post on my blog gloating about the win. A draw, and no links are required. Links will go up starting tomorrow and for a period of no less than one month.

Let's see what happens, shall we? Will they even accept?

[Update at 10:24 AM] Yes, I realize this is presumptuous, but what the hell, it could be fun. And yes Chelsea fans, I know the rgb values for that blue and white. I also note that today Payne gets his team. But really, the sale story can wait until tomorrow. Right now, it is all about tonight.

[Update at 10:38 AM] IT'S ON BABY! From the comments at Chelsea Blog...

8. Webmaster on July 28th, 2005 at 3:32 pm

I don’t really have a problem with your challenge.
Of course,
you have a lot more to gain from it than I do. A pre-season victory over the Champions of England will be viewed as a major achievement by DC United and their fans when in fact it’ll mean very little. You do realise we treat these games as training sessions?! ;-)
Consider that a pre-prepared excuse in case we do lose!
And there will be no gloating here if we win. Gloating is reserved for wins over the likes of Airline FC, the MU 49ers, Lucky Liverpool et al… not pre-season victories over MLS sides! ;-)

Hmm... a little defensive are we? Already coming up with excuses? But they've taken the bait, and I look forward to seeing a nice black, red, and white link about DCU's triumph.

Okay, seriously, Chelsea blog is being real cool to put up with a snotty Yank like me and actually do this. I do realize that DCU has much more to gain than Chelsea. But any probability expert will tell you, in choosing a strategy you multiple by probability by payout to determine value. I figure that the value here evens out for both sides :) And perhaps, if nothing else, we'll be setting the standard for cross blog bets in this game we love.


At 28 July, 2005 23:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeaahhh. Chelsea won 2 - 1.

At 29 July, 2005 08:40, Blogger D said...

Yup. I'll be living up to my part of the bargain in a few hours. Congrats on the win.


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