30 January 2007

And we're off...

The big news is the start of pre-season training. Yes, you can read all about it in the Times, Post, or Examiner, but really, the place to go for some great coverage is the SE Podcast. Why? Because you can here this quote in its original form. (Quoted from the Examiner):

Although it will be a long season, Olsen figures it will be easier to handle under Soehn, whose coaching style is less intense than Nowak's.

"It's not too much. Fortunately, Tommy's in charge now. With Peter, it'd be way too much," Olsen said. "Tommy will do a good job with managing us throughout the season."

The tone of voice leads me to believe that this is something around the office we like to call "Ha-ha, Only Serious." Yeah.

I, of course, am a bit out of it right now, going through one of those heavy In Real Life times, but I'll try and keep on top of things as best I can. Hopefully it will all subside in a bit and I can get back to covering this team the way it should be. And noting the implications of things like Luis Robles going to Germany instead of to MLS. Unfortunately, I really don't have the time to focus in on those things, but when the time comes, oh yes, when it comes...

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At 30 January, 2007 17:09, Blogger Brian said...

I hope everything works out for you and you get back to the grind.


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