22 January 2007

Weekend Catch-up

BOSWELL AND NAMOFF WITH THE NATS: Bobby Boswell got his first start for the US National Team, and second cap, in the 3-1 win over Denmark. I thought Bobby did well as part of the four man backline employed by Bradley. While Brian Garrison notes that he was out of position on the Denmark goal, it wasn't his marker who was involved in the play. He did well, and showed that his name certainly belongs in the mix for CONCACAF related tournaments.

Namoff's play as a late-sub was acceptable, but had an extended sequence where he played himself into trouble. Exactly the kind of thing you don't want to see when you bring a defender off the bench.

WARD 8 RESIDENTS SKEPTICAL OF STADIUM DEAL: There's no reason to panic over this David Naknamura article. Remember, we've already stated that Ward 8 concerns will play a role in the coming stadium debate, and this is one of the first media mentions to articulate them:

"This is gentrification at its best, the restoration of urban property by the rich that will result in the displacement of lower-income people," said D'Angelo Scott, a neighborhood activist, drawing applause from the crowd. "All the billions of dollars that will come from the stadium and the hotel -- is any of it going back to the low-income people who might disappear?"
It does indicate that D.C. United has work to do to alleviate concerns. And remember, it's unlikely that everyone will be satisfied no matter what United does. A component of the stadium deal will most likely include two things: Affordable housing support, and job set-asides for Ward 8 residents. The question is: "Will it be enough?" I think a good package will soothe enough people who realize that the existing residents of Ward 8 will be better off with the stadium deal than without. The fact that there won't be houses torn down to make room for the stadium makes this much easier than it might otherwise be.

FOWLER TO UNITED?: Nah, this doesn't ring true, but if you insist on knowing about all the rumors, here's another one. It seems like a bad idea that has pretty much already been ruled out by the DC FO, but you never know...

NOT SOCCER RELATED, BUT IF YOU'RE CURIOUS ABOUT THE THINGS I AM CURIOUS ABOUT...: I find this sort of thing fascinating. Yes, this is one of the other types of things I do in my spare time. More information on the Billion to One sub-project here.

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At 22 January, 2007 21:57, Blogger Brian said...

Yeah, the guy who scored wasn't Bozilla's mark, but as he was in great position earlier to help bail out Bornstein, he had less than perfect positioning for the goal.

Regardless, Boswell had the best defensive performance of the match.

Also, thanks for spelling my name right, I have been getting a rash of people misspelling it. :)


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