27 September 2007

The Best Show NOT on TV

Bob wrote a post on the best soccer show on TV today which I still haven't seen, but am looking forward to watching. That reminded me of the best soccer show NOT on TV today. It is called, brace yourselves folks "David Beckham's Soccer USA." Before you indignatly exclaim that I have lost my marbles, hear me out. First, this is not the David Beckham's Soccer USA shown on FSC and linked to on basically every MLSnet.com page. That show is a) on TV, and b) horrible. I lost a lot, and I mean a lot, of respect for FSC for airing that travshamocracy of a show instead of the very well done show that you can see on Five.

Please don't start checking the 700 section of your cable channels for Five, it is a British channel that we don't get here in the states. Basically the British version of DBSUSA (an acronym that I just made up) is all that you could want in a soccer highlights show. It is hilariously funny, mostly because of "international TV personality" Tim Lovejoy, and it shows all of the goals from the past week. They have hilarious bits like "How to Speak American Commentator" and slightly irritating bits like the de rigueur interview with Mr. Beckham. It is nice to see how MLS is viewed in England, but it is also a breath of fresh air for somebody on TV to make fun of MLS in a lighthearted manner instead of the "greatest thing since Pele" vs. "already a failure" argument that we get in the states.

The show used to be an hour long, but it was recently cut down to half an hour. Somehow I think that MLS' best highlight show is probably England's worst, but I still love it. By now you are trying to figure out if I recently moved to London, the answer is no. I merely harness the power of the youtubes. Kinsellagem has been posting all of the shows up on youtube for us Americans (and Canadians). I watched one around week 5 and then immediately went back and watched the past shows it was so good. I have embedded the last episode for your viewing pleasure; it really is a great show.

Week 10: Part 1

Week 10: Part 2

Week 10: Part 3

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At 28 September, 2007 09:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. That show is awesome. If we had a soccer recap show that was that good here, people might actually watch it.

What's up with United being 5th from the bottom in popularity? I would think that we would be higher just for being so successful.

At 28 September, 2007 12:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like DCU needs some support--can we call on the Heed Army and Lord of the Wing?
Vamos United

At 01 October, 2007 05:27, Blogger Neil said...

Thanks for your comments, I'm one of the producers on the show and it's good to hear you're watching over there. Not so sure I agree with the "worst highlights show in the Uk" comment, we worked for 10 years on Soccer AM which is one of the UK's most popular football shows, and what we've tried to do is bring our sense of fun to MLS instead of Premiership. Keep watching, we've only got 3 shows left this season, but fingers crossed we can make the show for the U.S. in the future!
If you want to contact us we're on soccerusa@five.tv


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