21 May 2008

Match Briefing vs Toronto FC

Match #: 13.MLS.13 -- at Toronto FC

Six Word Novel Preview:
Hoping for win on bouncy turf.

Toronto FC

TV: 21 May 2008, Comcast Sports Net, Direct Kick, MLSLive.tv, 7:30pm

Previous Meeting:
DC United 4 - Toronoto FC 1.

The Stakes:
United needs points, end of story. With, what - a quarter of the season, done, this team has to start looking like it'll make it to the playoffs.

Previews from the DCUniverse and MLSverse:
Behind the Badge: "A healthier and more determined United side has made its way north of
the border and is preparing for tonight's match with Toronto FC. " Plus links to stories in the local papers.

WVHooligan - "Some rumors flying around right now say the DC front office is giving Soehn this week to turn things around or he will get canned like Steve Morrow did yesterday in Dallas."


Obviously, United needs to start winning, although I have no illusions that they'll be able to play well on TFC's Astroturf pitch. At this point, a tie on the road would be a moral victory for the team and something that they could build on. How the team plays, and how Tom Soehn manages the team, I think are more important than the actual result.

What to look for?
  • Will we see Gallardo on the field? I have a suspicion that he might opt not to play the full 90 game, given the atrocious field. It could spare us watching his teammates not making the right runs and anticipating his passes.
  • Will Emilio start? Can or should he start the game on the bench again? I think we played noticeably better with Doe up top last week and it'd be worth experimenting a little more with him up there.
  • How will Wells organize his defense? Last game he was interviewed and mentioned that he needs to organize the defense better and improve communications. Its now or never, defensive miscues and bad positioning have been killing us.
  • Can Moreno lead the team? Jaime needs to step up as captain and keep his squad motivated and focused, both if we give up the first goal or need to keep attacking if we score first.

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At 21 May, 2008 18:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you got this off, what? Two minutes before the start of the (UEFA) Champion's League final? Well done.


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