06 September 2008

What should Coach Soehn say at halftime?

I'm a bit behind at halftime on TiVo. But what can Coach say to the team at halftime that is down 1-0 with no offense on the field?? What good is defense at this point?

I'm brainstorming:
1. "Martinez - push forward at will." Thompson for Doe is confusing me.
2. "Simms - shoot from anywhere." It is like a 10% chance.
3. "Guerrero - stop passing. Just shoot." In the first half he played a brilliant ball to Dyachenko and it if it weren't for replay... ugh, OK, I guess it wasn't as bad as it looked in real time.
4. "I know he missed several easy chances in the first half, but please don't let Huckerby
embarrass us in the second half."
5. "Rod - hit the showers; we'll play with 10 men."

Is this really a 5-5-0?