06 April 2005

The Morning News, the Game Tonight

The Post gets the right angle on tonight's game: "a chance to test itself against an eminent team in a serious setting." This is the correct perspective on tonight's game, that tonight is a chance to see if MLS runs with the best professional clubs in the CONCACAF region [You know Pumas is last in its group? Yes, but still, this matters.] The Times, on the other hand, seems to think the only interesting thing about tonight is the transformation of the 'Nats diamond. Yes, a great story, but perhaps a secondary story when the home opener happens? But still better than what's in the Washington Examiner. Actually, that last sentence could be shorter. Let's try, "What's in the Washington Examiner?" Nil.

As for DC United's web site, here we are informed that they waived Tim Lawson. There's a link to buy tickets for tonight's game, but no story. [Thoughts on Lawson? Carrol, Gomez, Gros, Guppy, Dema, Olsen, The Quint, and Simms... Yes, I think we have depth in the midfield, no worries. Now, the Post's reporting that Namoff is having back troubles worries me, because its Petke, Stokes, Prideaux, and maybe Boswell, and well ...] Y'know, just an upcoming match preview box would be nice. Maybe a big sign saying "Game Tonight." I dunno...

Today's media advantage: The Post.

[Updated 9:23 to add link to DC Examiner]