28 July 2005

DCU vs Chelsea in 4 Hours

Apologies to MES, but Joe has told people to sing...

Theme from United, DC

Come on I will show you how it will change
When you play a team not from Europe
Yankee boys (Hey!)
Everybody sing (Hey!)
Better run quick (Hey!)
Adu's just a boy
but he moved too quickly
We live on blood
We are United, D.C.!

We don't have some crazy russion billionaire owner
We'll just put you in a world of Payne
But by Gros or Gomez
We will
Hey! Hey!
Dema's our boy!
Go out and break a leg!
We live on blood
We are United, DC

Hey! Hey! We don't pay over 200 Mil (Hey!)
But some things are for free (Hey!)
We live on blood (Hey!)
We are United, DC (Hey!)
English Chelsea fan
this is your last game (Hey!)
We're not some crappy Galaxy
We're United, DC (Hey)

Cheap English man, but now you're in America
Can't even get to a Europen Cup.
Better go spot a place to rest
No more ground boutique at match in Chelsea
We are United, DC



At 28 July, 2005 22:59, Anonymous Zach said...

Congratualtions on a well played match. You guys represented the MLS very well in my opinion. Good luck the rest of the season.

- US Soccer Fan\KC Wizards Fan

At 29 July, 2005 08:41, Blogger D said...

Thanks Zach. I was pleased with DCU's performance in that they honestly went out there trying to get the win, and not just survive. It was a good attempt.


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