26 August 2005


As you can see, a busy day blogging so far...

A few quick updates:

The MLS Unofficial Championship: I've stopped updating this, since previously I was working off of a limited set of data for games. MLS has now published results of every game for each season, so I've started trying to construct the entire back history giving the first MLS unoffical title to DCU after the 96 Cup. I've worked my way through 1999, and it's interesting stuff that confirms that only basing the cup off of the 2003 season is probably misguided. DCU starts with the title in 1997, but despite winning the MLS cup that year, the title belongs to another team at the end of the season. It isn't reunified with the MLS Cup title until 1999. It has been awarded (changed from one team to another) 49 times in this period.

Profanity and Soccer Web Sites: Joe and ScaryIce (from Climbing the Ladder) have commented below on the Tobias Lopez discussed here two days ago. Joe has now gone another step, posting his thoughts at We Call It Soccer. I agree with much of it, and that includes his praise of DuNord.