17 November 2005

One Chicken. Two Chickens. Three Chickens...

...but those are just eggs. Ooops.

The Georgetown Voice continues on the stadium story, featuring two very, very interesting tidbits. First, from Tony Robinson of DCSEC regarding the comparisons between the soccer stadium and the stadium for the Nationals:

“It’s an entirely different process,” he said, referring to last fall’s debate over the Nationals stadium. “This stadium will be up before the baseball stadium, there’s no question about it.”

Okay, good, but let's not forget that a week is a long time in soccer. Or in politics. A little buried note at the end of the article should remind everyone to stay vigilant and make sure that this is seen through to conclusion (emphasis added):
Greene emphasized that while Barry is receptive to the stadium plans, he has not ruled out other options for how the development will proceed.

According to Greene, Barry will host a second public meeting exploring alternate possibilities for the site on Nov. 29 at Anacostia High School.

So it isn't a sure thing, as Marion Barry will be prepared to potentially move another direction if the situation arises. Before anyone screams "backstabber!", from Barry's perspective this is smart politics. He should do this, since his job is to get the best deal for his constituents, not to give DC United a home. We just need to close the deal, and all signs are that DCU is handling the situation intelligently. Watch the skies!

Also, DCU alum (and frequent humor target) Bobby Convey is profiled as a World Cup Unknown by the BBC. However, the fun is in the traditional dismissal the English press reserves for US Soccer support: "The United States are gradually becoming a force to be reckoned in world football - although that fact is probably still lost among its own citizens. " I'd like to be snarky and respond to this, but Bruce is saying we'll be lucky to get out of the group stage, so I'll wait. That being said, I expect that ratings for the World Cup could be big over here. I honestly expect the most interest in this cup since 1994.