15 December 2005


Yesterday Steve Goff updates DCU's contract situation. In short: Rimando - signed. Ben Olsen - Gonna be signed. Kovalenko and Filomeno - Only back if they agree to less money. Various fans over at BigSoccer are up in arms about Rimando's getting a new contract year. Maradawga even takes a shot at the poor kid. Frankly, I disagree with them all. Rimando is a good keeper who deserves a starting role on most teams. Yes, he's flawed, but most of the keepers in MLS are flawed right now. Signing him settles the GK situation for DC, but also preserves DC's ability to trade him later if they so choose. Rimando is someone who can start for DC, but also can provide you value if you do decide to make a shot at a trade. Olsen still has production left in him. Not resigning Kovalenko makes sense as well. I love the guy, hell, I gave him one of my seasonal awards, but DCU is all too familiar with the salary crunch. If Kovalenko doesn't come back, I'll be sad to see him go, but he is a bit pricey. Ditto with Filomeno. There's value there, just not at the prices DC is paying.

Also, the Tide Online reports that DCU may be close to signing two Nigerian players, one of whom is 41 years old. (Note: Formatting is awful, but readable if you have FireFox and turn the style sheet off). Some quick research revealed that this article got the name of the agent for these players wrong, his real name is Chief Akinyemi Tajudeen. The DCenters has sent him an email for his comments on what these players bring to DCU, and we'll let you know if he gets back to the DCenters. I'm not holding my breath.

[Hattips: BigSoccer]


At 15 December, 2005 14:50, Anonymous Matt said...

Uggg...give me a couple of months to get in shape and I can beat out Rimando.

Anyway...I'm tough on the guy. Maybe he'll get better cause he has been great at times but he does some stuff that is totally without logic and makes him look like a clown.

He needs to stay on his line more on crosses in the air. He's a fantastic shot stopper but if he leaves the goal wide open...he won't be there to stop the shot!!

PS: Isn't Simpson the keeper coach? Seems like some of the crap that Rimando does could be coached out of him. Really..some of that stuff is what you see from HS keepers....

At 16 December, 2005 19:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gotta agree. Rimando is a great shot stopper, but in controling the box he's often times lost - this is in everything from positioning his defense to attacking crosses. It looks to me like he makes a decision to come out and then knows it wasn't smart and thus stalls and gets hung-up. In that situation one can only go full-tilt-boogie and leave bodies in the wake - if it's wrong, so be it, but don't show weakness...

At 02 January, 2006 02:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rimando is h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e. Every time he leaves his line, it seems to be a 50-50 chance that we'll get scored on. His re-signing is hard to stomach. I'd prefer to use Perkins, who is certainly no worse, and some eager college kid as a back-up. Let's get some of Rimando's alleged "trade-value" for some more defensive help.


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