18 May 2006

In the Q(ueue)

TOPS: Some quick notes before getting on to other things today. First, DC United tops the Matchnight poll. The DCenters feels fine with this, given that United is currently the only team on Supporter's Shield pace. We're going to look at the snapshots of the division standings later today, and I hope to use that as a contrast to why I think pace is better, at least for now.

HONORS: A DCU player makes Week 7's All-American XI, where they let pretty much any old fool write stuff for them.

Tino's brother Brandon has the kids doing okay in Baltimore (See "Youth Soccer").

QUESTION SEMIAUTHORITIES: Yesterday's morning post had a lovely amount of discussion on Steve Sampson and the Gatorade commercials. One of the things I appreciate is the willingness of commenters here to be willing to question the conventional wisdom, even if it is conventional wisdom I happen to share such as "Steve Sampson = Crappy Coach." Still, the sentiment of most is that you can't fire him. If you only saw the blog in the morning yesterday, I urge to you check it out.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 1: The idea of the CONCACAF Champions League is very cool, but I really want a formal press release from MLS before we celebrate. What's the format? Who's invited? All of that matters to me. Keep the Supporter's Shield meaning something.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2: As this is a DC United blog, my feelings on the Barcelona-Arsenal match probably don't matter a whole lot to you. Still, I'm going to tell you. If Arsenal feels like they've been cheated, then that alone justifies the result after the way Spurs got the backhand slap of fate at the end of the EPL season. Go ahead and brag about how brave you were, just remember that karma does matter and can always slap you around. Good. You've had several decades to earn a moment like this. It takes some of the sting (or is that food-poisoning nausea) out of the day.


At 18 May, 2006 15:29, Blogger Brian said...

I have a feeling that the only reason we have heard about the CONCACAF Champions League this early is that they needed to seel the television rights early, or Telefutura was negotiating and they added the future package to their deal.

MLS/MPL/CONCACAF are mostlikely still working on the format, they just figured out the number of matches.

At 19 May, 2006 15:50, Anonymous J. Michael said...

We really need our own Champions League. I could see how it would boost the quality of domestic league play.

D is hating him some Arsenal. ;)

At 19 May, 2006 18:40, Blogger D said...

I am all about the Champions League..

And yeah, I might be going overboard on the Arsenal hate, but hey, that's how it goes...


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