02 February 2007

The Rod is back

Where totally on top of all the DC United news over here, honest. Which is why I can't explain how we missed news yesterday that Rod Dyachenko is packing his bags again and heading back to the greener pastures of RFK. United traded away its first pick in the 2008 SuperDraft to require from that new team in the great white north. Certainly, this move is all part of the front office's offseason roster shuffle.

Was leaving him unexposed inthe epansion draft a risky gamble that backfired on the FO? Certainly not on the scale of leaving Jason Kreis unprotected, but you have to wonder why he wasn't protected if the team ends up going "to great lengths to re-acquire him." Dyachenko showed promise in nine games and four starts last season, and could have decent shot at cracking the starting line up.

Update: Goff has the scoop on Rod's return to United.
Rod had spent about a week in Washington, staying at Bobby Boswell's place in the city, before he had to head north to report to Toronto FC training camp. He drove to Buffalo, fearful of the reaction at the border. You see, Rod is a man without a country -- sort of. He was born in Russia, grew up in Georgia, then moved to Ukraine before coming to the United States with his family and settling in Washington state, near Portland, Ore. Rod has no passport -- just a U.S. green card.

If this was all "friamente calculado" by the FO, then well played, sir, well played, indeed! Although, does this mean Rod won't be on the away roster against Toronto?

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At 02 February, 2007 16:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mo Johnson is looking more clever by the day but at least DCU now has an experienced backup attacking midfielder. Plus draft picking is an inexact science and its good to get an known quantity. But 3rd to 1st, even if its a future 1st... ouch.

At 02 February, 2007 20:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dunno how smart Mo is, as opposed to just lucky. IMO Rod is more valuable than a 1st round pick in what is becoming a less and less important draft process.

As for passport issues, ya that is a important consideration, as I knew of a brazillian friend who went to the Canada side of Niagra as a tourist, yet could not return to the US...


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