19 June 2008

To the loser of the Atlantic Cup goes...

Remember when we won the first leg of the Atlantic Cup on Saturday evening? OK, check this out.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I watched the Spain v Greece Euro 2008 match from Salzburg, Austria. As I sat there watching, I thought, "I wonder what club team plays in this stadium?" So on a whim, I Googled "FC Salzburg". I found the wikipedia entry for this club:

Under the heading The Red Bull Takeover the entry reads,
After the takeover, Red Bull changed the club's name, management and staff, declaring "this is a new club with no history". Red Bull initially claimed on the club website that the club was founded in 2005, but was ordered to remove this claim by the Austrian F.A. The new authority removed all trace of violet from the club logo and the team now play in the new colours of red and white, to the consternation of much of the club's traditional support. More disconcerting to many fans was Red Bull's demand that the goalkeeper of the new team wear a pair of synthetic wings and be hoisted upon a series of pulleys and ropes, to simulate a flying motion, during all home games, in accordance with Red Bull's commercial slogan at the time, "it gives you wings".
You know, because the keeper is the most expendable player on the team, if the series of pulleys and ropes should fail.

As D said, if it is on wikipedia, it must be true.

Stay tuned... there may be more to this foolishness.



At 19 June, 2008 15:47, Blogger Johnny said...


At 19 June, 2008 19:14, Blogger kevin said...

Oh my. I can DEFINITELY see why the MetroStars sold out to Red Bull. Damn, I feel cheated. i would have loved to see Nick Rimando, Troy Perkins, and Zach Wells flying around the pitch on a system of pulleys and ropes while wearing fairy wings.

Why the fuck didn't United contact Red Bull first??!!!!

At 20 June, 2008 09:20, Anonymous Skippy said...

Wow. Maybe that's what the MLS needs, synthetic wings, ropes and pulleys. Soccer and wire-fighting, could I ask for much more?


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