01 January 2000

Boring Stuff that May Never Be Used, But Here it Is.

Editorial Policy
The opinions expressed at The DCenters are those of the writers, and not of D.C. United or their staff, players, or investors, Major League Soccer, Soccer United Marketing, or anyone else. This site makes no pretensions to objectivity, but will try to be fair to opposing viewpoints as far as is reasonable. "Reasonable" is a term to be interpreted by the writers of this site.

Sourcing and Citation Policy
When possible, words cited by The DCenters will be accompanied by an appropriate hyperlink to the source of any documentation. The DCenters reserves the right to publish email correspondence unless the author of the correspondence specifically asks for confidentiality, or the DCenters judges that the author would desire confidentiality (in which case the DCenters will attempt to confirm the nature of the email).
The DCenters will use anonymous sources provided the DCenters has good reason to believe that the source is familiar with the item for which information is being provided and that a good reason exists to protect the identity of the source. Those agreements will be on a case-by-case basis.
Corrections Policy
Grammatical and publishing errors will be corrected by the DCenters without notice. Errors or omissions of fact will be noted in such a way that it is clear that the DCenters made an error or omission, and be corrected either within the post an error was made, a subsequent post, or acknowledged in the comments to a post.
Commenting Policy
All comments are assumed to be public, and therefore reproducable in postings by The DCenters. The DCenters reserves the right to moderate and delete comments as needed. Inflammatory and argumentative comments are fine, but racist, sexist, religously insensitive (or insensitive to atheists), and homophobic comments are likely to annoy the DCenters, and in extreme cases may be deleted if grossly offensive, and the author of such comments may be banned from commenting in the future. Please note that this has never yet happened, but if it (god-forbid) did happen, you've been warned. The DCenters assumes no responsibility for the content of comments. We barely can take responsiblity for getting dressed in the morning. Update 2006-2007: Blog-spam, or comments which seem to be purely commercial in nature and not relevant to the discussion at hand, will be deleted without notice.
Policies Updated 11 January 2007