23 July 2005

The Eventual Heat Death of the Galaxy

0 LA : DCU 1

I had this post pretty much written. A short note that one point on the road is a good thing, some applause for some smart attacking, a few notes of disapproval regarding some of the defensive work (Wilson, I'm looking at you), and some discussion as to whether Adu was a good forward in the game, or even if he was playing as a forward. I thought he was invisible for most of the game. Yes, a few nice runs, but nothing special. Jamie seemed to be taking the burden of the work.

Then Freddie goes and gets the game winning goal, finds one of the sections of DCU fans in the HDC, and seems to shed two years of expectation and frustration. In the process, he destroyed whatever shred of sense I had when I was planning to discuss Adu.

As for the heat, ESPN was making a big deal of the 110F temperatures at pitch-level. I think Chastain's comment that heat makes you stupid (as opposed to focusing on the cramping, the hyrdration, and the like) is actually one of the more insightful comments. Seriously. I know that occasionally during a pick-up game in hot weather in DC, I get very stupid. The first stupid decision is usually by deciding to play soccer in 90+ heat in DC. Then after about 5 minutes, the only thing in my brain in Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes... Really.


At 25 July, 2005 18:33, Blogger Eric PZ said...

Has Sampson been fired yet? He was totally outcoached by Nowak.


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