24 June 2005

Best Fans (or RSL: We Cheat to Win)

RSL takes the MLS Season 10 award for best fans. Even they know how they did it. So c'mon RSL, as the DCenters suggested earlier: Embrace it hardcore! You are now the bad boys of MLS fandom. Don't agonize over whether it was the right thing to do! Spit in the eye of some Rapids fan. Walk on the wrong side of the street! Split Infinitives!

Frankly, DCU has too long been complacent in our knowledge we're the best. This kind of shot across the bow is exactly what we need to wake some of us up. Well done. Oh, and go beat FC Chicago this weekend, I hear you are scoring goals again.


At 24 June, 2005 20:23, Blogger WVCGhettoBoy said...

Thanks DC. We'll do our best. Go RSL!

At 24 June, 2005 22:16, Blogger Ethan said...

Your blog makes me a DC fan. Good job.

At 25 June, 2005 21:02, Blogger D said...

Honestly, I've never had a dog in the Western fight, but the RSL people a so gosh-darn nice I might just have to start wearing a little more purple and red.

At 28 June, 2005 10:52, Blogger Eric PZ said...

The RSL fans at the HDC amuse me with their dark slacks, white shirts and ties. ;)


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