27 October 2005

In Which Some Surprising Advice is Given...

Whose father told him "stay calm and not get winded up because I can hurt the team?" Who is the DCU object of desire of thousands of DCU fans' wives? Well, there's an interview in the Washington Times with the one and only Dema Kovalenko.

Memo to Illinois and Hawaii: Freddy fallout is so passe these days. Linking it to Wie DQ mania is not going to revive the story.

Yes, I will publish my BASA ballots. I have not forgotten you, dear reader. I shall return.


At 27 October, 2005 18:06, Blogger Mike H said...

Illinois and Hawaii are really on top of it. It is impressive to see people note an event that happened a week earlier as breaking news. Thanks for the links and by the by, love the 200 posts image.


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