24 October 2005

Transparent Homerism

So over at Climbing the Ladder, they're awarding the BASAs, which is pretty cool. If you've ever seen the results of these sorts of awards, you've probably wondered "Who was the jockjaw that voted for him?" Well, I've decided to answer that question for you, by making all my ballots public after the award is announced (with the exception of the Best XI, since that'll be absurdly long to get into.)

Anyways, here was my ballot for Goal Keeper:
1 - Pat Onstad
2 - Nick Rimando
3 - Matt Reis

Onstad was an easy call. I guess the real issue is my #2 and #3 votes. Yup, I'm one of the two people that had Rimando second. Why? I've felt that Rimando is certainly a top 3 keeper in the league, and he has played well this year. He hasn't had to pay for his mistakes too often, and I do think he's behind a defense that isn't as good as Reis's in New England. Plus, I'm a homer sometimes, and Reis is a thug. A good keeper, but definately a thug. Matt, I have a Mr. Eskandarian on line 1.

Why not Cannon? How about because he's not had the year this year he had last year. Last year was stunning. This year he seems a little lost, and has had difficulty in communicating what he wants from his back line. I think the stunning thing is that the professional media had him 3rd, not that he wasn't on the top 3 from the BASA voters.


At 24 October, 2005 14:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 24 October, 2005 16:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rimando is way overrated this season. I liked him up until the U Catolica disaster when he totally blew the game for DC.

He's WAY too aggressive and needs to let his defense handle things more..and just clean up the messes.

He has given up some true howlers..

At 24 October, 2005 18:23, Blogger scaryice said...

Rimando wasn't even in consideration for me. And I did have Cannon third. He was just voted as the Rapids' MVP, so he must be doing something right.


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