22 October 2005

...Wait for it...

Recap of last night's game here. I do have revised thoughts on the Freddy Adu saga. I need to check a few things before I make a write-up. Hopefully a little later today I'll have it out. If you can't wait for what I think, The Belly has weighed in and pretty harshly against Nowak. Do I agree with everything he said? Nope. But, if nothing else, it is one perspective, and one that I imagine will be typical of a great many people.

  • Steve Goff's version of last night is here.
  • Also, this story is fascinating: "Miller thought she would be lucky to attract 30 women to form three teams. Instead, 130 showed up." It may lack the inner-city panache of something you'd read at This is American Soccer, but I think it's a fascinating tale of other ways people are drawn to the game. (Actually, that's unfair to TiAS. Adam would totally cover this story.)