21 October 2005

Harold Pinter Presents the DCenters

For about three hours I've had an empty Blogger window staring at me. The playoffs are here, and normally there'd be a game preview or something other than me writing sophmoric new lyrics to old standards.

I don't feel like that right now. With seven hours to the kick, I feel only the expectation one associates with excellent theater. Tom Stoppard in The Real Inspector Hound wrote "You can't start with a pause." Only that's exactly how today started for me. The curtain is open, but the protagonists have merely glanced at each other. Wait. Beat. Beat. Beat.

Accordingly, I have nothing to say. Yes, there are things I could say, but I like the tension of this moment right now. I will savor it. The playoffs have begun, even if the games haven't started.


At 21 October, 2005 20:12, Anonymous john said...

You planning on live blogging the game?

At 21 October, 2005 21:05, Anonymous john said...

Adu suspended!?!?!?!?!?!


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