02 November 2005


Yes, for many ballots now, I've kept my natural (and righteous) DC United bias in check as I voted for the BASAs being given out at Climbing the Ladder. Could it continue?

Ballot for Midfielder of the Year: 1 - C. Gomez / 2 - DDR / 3 - Dempsey
Of course not! Yes, I was one of the three people that handed Christain a first place ballot, a ballot I do not regret even after the unfortunate spitting incident for which he has now apologized in full. If I made any mistake, it was in not giving Joseph perhaps his full due. I'm not losing much sleep over it.
Ballot for Old Player of the Year: 1 - Djorkaeff / 2 - Onstad / 3 - Chung
Can we rename this award? Something like "Vetran" or "Experienced" player of the year? It sounds like these are people with Centrum Silver endorsements whose speed is limited by the oxygen tanks trailing behind them. Anyways, this was one of those strange situations where my ballot reflected the exact order of finish. You can read that as either "man with finger on the pulse of US professional soccer" or "Prisoner of Conventional Wisdom"

Ballot for Forward of the Year: 1 - Twellman / 2 - Moreno / 3 - Donovan
I agree with Ice's comments that, as good as Herculez was, he didn't deserve to be placed over Landon. But I wouldn't have put either over my top two. Additionally, order of finish here does not reflect my MVP balloting... but more on that later.