13 December 2005

Misc. or Less

Not much to say today, which is nice since I have things to do. I don't have much to comment on the RSL-Colorado swap of Cunningham and Mathis other than an email I sent to Maradawga wondering if DCU might swap Kenny Arena for Nkong with Colorado. The Dawg pointed out that Nkong had been waived by the Rapids. A valid point, considering Kenny has also been waived. Ah well.

Also, the DCenters Interview Series will kick off tomorrow, with our first guest: Manager of Hispanic Relations Boris Flores. Boris was the first name I asked about when the opportunity to conduct this interview series was discussed. I'm fairly excited about this, since many non-Spanish speaking fans might have no idea of what DCU is doing with the Latino community. Hopefully this interview will help provide some insight. The second interview in the series will hopefully be lined up soon as well, allowing me to announce the lucky subject and perhaps give you a chance to suggest some questions before we sit down to talk about how it all works.


At 13 December, 2005 22:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing I'd like to know is if DC United is outreaching in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods.(like Langley Park) Player appearances and the like.

Also are there any plans to broadcast games on Spanish language TV? (some of the Telefutura dubbed films look pretty bad, it would be cool to see DCU on there instead)

Are any local Hispanic league teams named DC United? Sponsorship of local teams would build support and get the name out.

Of course, DCU could do the most for its Hispanic outreach by beating the next Pumas or Catholico.


At 14 December, 2005 13:16, Blogger D said...

K - Sadly, this interview I had already conducted before I saw your comment. I do hope to announce the next one in enough to solicit other questions. There could be an announcement today.


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