07 December 2005

Opening Positions (other than 1.e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nf6)

We Keep Freddy
The original title of the article on Freddy's "DC United: I love it!" comments was that they had "resolved their differences." Now it says "Adu, United, Air it out". That seems more accurate, based on my original observations on the matter.
Metros at RFK for MLS Opener
It sounds like the the opening national television game for the MLS season will be the home opener against New Jersey. If so, that makes it at least three years in a row that DC has gotten the first game for MLS. The record over the last two games is 2-0-0, so that's good. However, there are a few things that strike me as odd: First, why the disrespect to LA? They're the champs, they should be in the first game (Possible Answer: LA is playing San Jose, or wherever, since that's the hot rivalry, so perhaps MLS doesn't want to showcase the "look at the team we moved despite their success game". I have no evidence for that at all.
Ms. Klum wants you to take notes
If it is possible that there are people that read this blog, but not We Call It Soccer, well, get over there right now since Joe has kindly drafted a "follow the world cup draft and fill out your groups" aid, complete with beer coaster. If all soccer fans had this kind of inginuity, then right now we'd be complaining about Chis Berman's stupid-ass nicknames like Brian "Christmas" Carroll and Josh "A dozen's dozen" Gros.
The chess notation above is an extremely geeky joke related to the world cup. I admit this. I have no shame.


At 07 December, 2005 17:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Berman...
What gets me is that ESPN is right back to treating hockey as a major sport despite the lockout... and still no MLS highlights. I'm curious as to how hockey compares in terms of attendance and TV. A fantasy-- what would it do for soccer if ESPN devoted even 5 min. of one Sportscenter episode per night to U.S. and world soccer. After all, ESPN and ABC have the soccer contract, it would be nice to see some support.


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