18 January 2007

Past and Present

KNOW THE PRESENT: In DC, when any personality makes it to all five of the Sunday Morning Talk political shows on the same day, it's supposedly known as "The Full Ginsberg". I propose that when a soccer personality manages to hit The DCenters and the DC Sports Bog on the same day, it should be known as "The Full Needham."

Ricky Schramm gets his student newspaper bio: "Who needs David Beckham? We’ve got Rick Schramm." That's the kind of arrogance we appreciate.

Soccer365 lets you know that the Coach likes the Luciano.

KNOW THE PAST: Pretty much all the mainstream media were quick to invoke "Pele and the Cosmos" after the David Beckham signing. That's why it is pretty nice that the Washington City Paper decided on another historical allusion: Johann Cruyff and the Diplomats. It's nice to know that chain smoking soccer personalities have a rich DC Soccer tradition. Perhaps at some point I should put up an image of my Ben Olsen autographed pack of Camel Reds? (No, Concerned Parents of America, he didn't smoke any of them. He just signed it.)

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At 18 January, 2007 14:12, Blogger Kinney said...

“One was the best player in the world,” he says, “and the other is adored by little girls.”


At 19 January, 2007 05:44, Blogger scaryice said...

Wilbon covered soccer? Huh.

At 22 January, 2007 19:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Roland ( or "Gaocho" has he likes to be called on the soccer;s ground) Play many times And I can ensure you all that he has a lot to offer. He still has to learn but his potential is very impressive. I am conviced DC United made a very clever decision by drafting him.

At 23 January, 2007 20:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the end of the Sports Bog artilce on Needham:

"Closing note No. 4: Jay Needham asked whether I worked for The DCenters. I believe The DCenters have far more national name recognition than the Sports Bog does."


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