24 January 2007

Welcome back, and welcome here: It's celebrate Steve Goff Wednesday

We'll lead with the fact that Defensive Midfielder Brian Carroll has inked a new deal with United. And we'll point out that it's on Steve Goff's new soccer blog, Soccer Insider. I feel relieved about this.

And welcome to Steve Goff (who we'll permalink on the right shortly). Between him and Steinberg, I like the fact that the

Post is making a strong on-line committment to soccer. And yes, that means we expect Steinberg to continue covering the team. You can't just let Goff cover the pumpkin tossing (that sounds so dirty).

Now, you are no doubt wondering how we, as unpaid amateurs, feel about the pros getting into a space we've had almost to ourselves for so long. Well, we like it. The more, the better. You wouldn't think we'd be so intimidated by major media coming here that we'd resort to something juvenile, would you? Nah, not us. We can handle it. Really.

Really. We can.

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At 24 January, 2007 10:36, Blogger Kinney said...

His hat is still better than Steinberg's. This is really good news. Good for Goff. Now we just need for Comcast to up its DC United coverage next year.

At 24 January, 2007 12:39, Blogger Rich Horton said...

This is funny...I speculated just yesterday that Steve Goff did not, in fact, exist. (It's a long story. )

Good news on Carroll. He is needed.


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