27 September 2007

First Impressions - D.C. United Dos : Uno CD Guadalajara

After half-time, you couldn't really ask for anything better. 2-0 would have been ecstatic, but 2-1 is probably the best result against decent competition I can recall in some time when we've had the first leg of a tie at RFK.

Marc Burch's ejection was doubly painful, not simply because we went down a man but because his flank was overall better defended than Namoff on the right. Brian had a very, very tough game, and if MLS teams study how Chivas sent balls through to players on great runs, the end of the season could be tough. That being said, most MLS teams don't have the overall speed and touch of Chivas, who may be mid-table right now but had a lot of the goods last night. United also wasn't playing their best game. We'll hit this in the debrief, but the vision was either lacking, or just not at game speed, and Christian Gomez took about forty minutes to settle into the match. Also, since I know something will be said, Burch's ejection was one of those "harsh, but legitimate" calls from referee Hector Baldaffi. Both tackles were worthy of a yellow, and together that makes a red. Might he have kept the card in the pocket on either? Perhaps, but the man made a decision that was completely defensible.

The worry I had about this game was one of injury, fatigue, and game fitness. That's probably why I wasn't thrilled about seeing this tournament in the middle of our Supporter's Shield run. Once at the game, those concerns quickly faded. Chivas brought their East Coast fans once again, and that makes bringing the support a matter of honor. Still, once the game is over, I return to the dispassionately logical concerns I had, and I have to admit that the only thing that could prove me right is the potential injury to Namoff. Christian Gomez clearly had lost a bit of form with his extended break, and a game like this may ultimately help in the long run.

Oh, and for Olsen and Simms to get goals is pretty much perfect for this season. That makes me happy. Benny & Clyde. There's a song there somewhere.

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At 27 September, 2007 01:17, Blogger jason said...

Namoff for MOTM please.

Not only was he stopping everything, he was up and down the flank AND back and forth into the center.

His best game of the season.

(Good god I hope he's not injured... second straight game this thought was my first after the game)

At 27 September, 2007 01:22, Blogger jason said...

From Bog@Soccer Insider

Namoff was visibly limping afterward. He said the injury came on the collision right before he exited, when a knee went into his left thigh. He described it as a left thigh contusion, and said he'd have to see how it felt Thursday morning before speculating on his availability.

I don't think we'll see him this weekend if there is any doubts.

(Sorry for the double post... the Aftermath thread showed in Firefox just as i submitted)

At 27 September, 2007 03:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, at least it's TFC we face next, so Namoff could sit and recover without it being as critical as next week.

What I want to know is how the offense is going to adjust without Burch feeding them.


At 27 September, 2007 06:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burch looked really good out there, at least the red is a Copa red...
I thought the team played with a real passion. It was gratifying to beat in-season Chivas with a stronger DCU home crowd. Fred had a nice game but my vote for MOTM is Troy. A lot to deal with and he commanded in the air and made a lot of saves. Distribution was truly poor, that seems to be how his nerves play out. After a while, amidst whistles from the Chivas fans we were just yelling for Troy to kick it straight. One more thing about the game... for as storied a team as Chivas is, their fans don't seem to have any songs, just chants of "Chivas" Now the trick will be to win on the second leg and put this thing away. Beating them, and then heading deep into the tournament now that would create a regional rivalry.
Vamos United! Go Benny and Clyde!

At 27 September, 2007 07:02, Blogger Landru said...

I'm not buying on Namoff as MOTM. It's true that he did clear a lot of balls with the top of his head, but he was also very consistently having to work hard to overcome getting burned on the flank. I'll credit that that may have been some reflection of the knack he picked up in the Fire game, in which case he was pretty manly to be out there in the first place.

I was thinking Perkins was a clear choice, but on reflection I think there may be a better case for Sims.

At 27 September, 2007 10:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone know where to find highlights on the web?

At 27 September, 2007 10:48, Blogger pablo said...


DC United Dos: CD Guadalajara Uno


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