30 September 2007

Moreno called up for Bolivia's Qualifiers

According to a Reuters article, Jaime Moreno has been called up to the Bolivian Nats to prepare for an away qualifier in Montevideo against Uruguay on the 13th and a home qualifier against Colombia on the 17th. Given that he wouldn't have time to acclimate to the altitude, and that 30 players have been called up for these two games, I wouldn't expect him to play in the second game in La Paz, Bolivia. I think he would have to be released five days prior to the match, at the latest, meaning he'd miss the 10/13 home match against Chicago. Links to the articles in spanish here.



At 01 October, 2007 16:11, Blogger Bob said...

I'm actually kind of happy to hear this. I've always been a bit nervous, in the back of my mind, about Jaime's impending retirement. I actually have no idea how much longer he'll be around. But if Bolivia is still calling him up, maybe that's an indicator that he'll be around for at least one more season.


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