03 September 2008

CONCACAF Champions League - what a shame for MLS so far.

Much like the Open Cup, I wouldn't be surprised if the New England Revolution did NOT want to advance in the CONCACAF Champions League, so as to focus on the playoffs and MLS Cup. But its pathetic that the two teams who topped their respective divisions last year, were bounced by teams from Panama and T&T.

For all the crowing about MLS being a top regional league, its nigh on inexcusable to have teams knocked out at this stage. In the near future, the league must address the limits it places on roster size, and the number of games some teams are asked to play - let's start by canceling SuperLiga. I'd also like to see them take a break during FIFA international dates so that teams aren't forced to play without players who are called up by their national teams.

Out of Their (Champions) League - Goal - Soccer - New York Times Blog
Both New England and Chivas, like several others in M.L.S. (D.C. United and Houston) have been involved in a number of competitions this year. For New England and Chivas, that list includes the regular M.L.S. season, SuperLiga, the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup and the Concacaf Champions League. Fixture clutter has come to M.L.S. and it is especially insidious because the teams have limited rosters that are further constricted by an odious salary budget that hogties coaches and puts incredible strains on the players.

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At 05 September, 2008 15:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Topped their respective divisions???

I think that you may recall, if you think back, that DC United topped the East last year. I seem to recall a piece of hardware earned at the end of the season ;-)

At 23 October, 2008 10:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, in 2002 morelia of mexico played the liga, concacaf champions cup and the copa libertadores simultaneusly, they won all the games home and away in a period of three months in all three tournaments.

the mexican league system is two national championships per year (Apertura and clausura) each with playoffs, three teams play the Copa Libertadores against the south american powerhouse teams, two teams play the Copa Sudamericana and four teams play the CONCACAF Champions League, also four teams play the Super Liga and the Interliga (Copa Libertadores qualifying tournament).

Chivas de Guadalajara
Clausura 2008 = 17 games + 2 games quarterfinals
Apertura 2008 = 13 games and counting
Copa Libertadores 2008 = 6 games (Eliminated in the first round)
Copa Sudamericana 2008 = so far reached the quarterfinal phase and in the first leg defeated River Plate of Argentina in the monumental de river stadium.

the mls must restructure its calendar year to play the like a european season system, remember, its expansion time, more teams means more games per season.


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