02 August 2008

Match #13.17 -- Kansas City Wizards

Match #13.17 -- Kansas City Wizards

Six Word Novel Preview:
Even on points, a six-point game.

Kansas City Wizards

TV: 2 August 2008, Comcast Sportsnet, DireckKick, MLSLive.tv

Radio: WFED 1050AM, SRN

Previous Meeting:
March 29, 2008 - KC 2 - United 0

The Stakes:

Both teams sit on 22 points in the Eastern Conference, so this game could provide a six-point swing in the standings if either team manages to win. United needs to separate itself from other playoff-contenders, but to do so it must return to the form that saw them win 4 straight regular season games. Gallardo, Peralta, Quaranta, and Olsen are still out due to injury and Martinez received a red card in the Houston game.

New signing Ivan Guerrero could make his debut. If so, I'd imagine he'd start in Martinez's place. I'm not sure what the Coach's planned role for Guerrero is when the team is at full strength, but I expect that he'll be more useful in the midfield.

Previews from the MLSverse:

Weekend Preview: Contenders Clash | WVHooligan - Soccer Blog

One club hasn’t played well at home in recent weeks (both in league play and out) and the other hasn’t lost since mid-June. Its one of those classic, something has to give kind of games.

Down the Byline: Taking on the Evil Empire

3 starters, United should be ready for the taking. The problem is, I
thought that earlier this year when the Wizards took on an undermanned
New England side, and we were played off the field.

I'd like to see United reverse its current losing streak at home. How's that for understatement? But against a confident and winning KC team, its going to be very difficult. Even more so missing our DP and three other regular starters.

What to look for?
  • Who can run the offense? Will Moreno drop back into the midfield to generate the attack, or can we give Fred another shot at play-making from the center of the field? Clearly, Rod Dyachenko isn't the answer, but we have few answers here..
  • Will Guerrero start? It's a pretty tough game to make a debut in, but if he's worth a partial allocation, we should expect him to contribute from the get go.
  • What are the coach's adjustments? It'll be up to the coach to motivate a team on the skids and one that has to rely on a lot of young players. Soehn will need to make a lot of adjustments before and during the game to make sure it's lineup plays to its strengths and doesn't concede much to Kansas City.

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At 03 August, 2008 09:16, Blogger rke said...

Welcome, Mr. Guerrero. So glad to have you aboard!

At 03 August, 2008 11:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we would have kept last years squad and added Guerrero and cut Quaranta we would be in first place,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

At 03 August, 2008 21:51, Blogger kevin said...

What's with your opposition to Quaranta (I recognize you from all the commas you use)? He works hard and has talent that is yet to be developed. He meshes well with the team and could possibly be a leader in coming years.

At 04 August, 2008 09:05, Anonymous The AMT said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous,,,,,,

Please stop leaving trails of commas and hating on a player to whom even D is willing to cut slack. It is true that Tino has been hurt in recent weeks, but prior to that he held down the right flank for Benny in a more than capable fashion. Moreover, your contention that had we only kept last years [sic] squad together, we'd be in first place is fallacy, plain and simple. Olsen has been hurt, making a recreation of last year's Top XI impossible. Besides, the front office made the conscious decision to go after international glory and tournament silverware, rather than being content to take the Shield and fizzle in every knockout competition we enter. Was it a risk? Sure. Was it worthwhile? Time will tell, but we've seen flashes of brilliant potential. Did it take courage to go in an unknown direction that could very well lead to failure but might also lead to the Promised Land? Absolutely.

Finally - and I am speaking only for myself, though I suspect others agree - please grow a pair and sign some kind of name (even a handle) so we can call you something other than commaboy. Kthxbai.


At 04 August, 2008 11:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The moves of the front office were wonderful weren't they ,,,,,,,,,,,,the nucleus of a nice team was destroyed with illusions , of what I don't know ,,,,,,,,,,I'm just very disappointed the way this team was dissolved,,,,,,,,,, chemistry on this team will arrive about the same time Quaranta develops into a good player,,,,,,,,,

Enjoy the rest of a pitiful season,


At 04 August, 2008 11:43, Blogger rke said...

Based on the rampant Quaranta-bashing and superfluous punctuation, our anonymous friend bears a striking resemblance to the poster formally known as bond.

Is that so? If so, why drop the moniker? If not, you two should get together for tea.

All opinions welcome, as far as I'm concerned, but the Tino-bashing gets old, especially when he plays well. And as much as I loved last year's lineup, it's not very useful to wish them back.

Change happens, and this year's changes, despite the kinks, are pretty good overall. I still have high-hopes for the Cup and Champion's League.


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