21 October 2008

DCU @ Cruz Azul

0-0 but down a man already in the 32nd minute. Ridiculous. Who is this hack ref? Can't a 3rd string keeper catch a break?

UPDATE: 1-0 against. Crayton. Halftime.

UPDATE 2: OMG - I'm so glad I was on the record w/r/t this ref. WTF?!?! This guy is a maniac. Two keepers get red carded in the same game for those infractions? Wow. This guy needs an intervention. I've been watching on Telefutura but I wish I had been listening to Limarzi. I'll review his audio tomorrow and report back.


At 22 October, 2008 11:20, Blogger rke said...

I'm not one to complain about the ref, but that was just shameful. And CA showed their complete lack of class on that second goal.

I don't think anyone expected a win from DC, but considering the lineup, the officiating, and the opponent, United should be proud of their efforts -- and the final score.

Well done, DCU. Absolute joke of a game.

At 22 October, 2008 12:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Un-be-fricking-lievable game. Ref had totally forgotten he'd given the first card, you can see it in his body language.
Great job by DCU.
Have a feeling that Zach Wells won't be sporting the VW next season-- Thorpe may have won the #2

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