26 October 2008


4:43 Arlington Daylight Time: Behind The Badge has the starters. Looks like it is Emilio and Doe up front with Jaime available on the bench.

4:45pm: Until the match starts, we'll be going with clock time but when the match begins, I'll switch to game time tags so that there is no confusion when I begin to fall behind by a few minutes with TiVo pauses and slow typing. Who knows - maybe it will be confusing anyway. But I hope that it will be enjoyable for everyone and add an extra dimension for you. This won't be a play-by-play, but I hope to chime in now and again with a comment or a wisecrack or suggestions for what the ref should go and do. Please join me in the comments section and let me know where you are watching. Feel free to make suggestions, criticize or laud. Enjoy the match!

4:54pm: Washington Caps got a late result last night when Alex Semin put one in in the 5 minute period of extra time. Caps beat Dallas Starts 5-4 in OT. But after the Stars opened the scoring, the score went 1-0 to 1-2 to 2-2 to 2-4 to 4-4 before the end of regular time. Earlier today the Skins dispatched with the Detroit Lions 25-17 after coming back from 10-6 at halftime. So we may be in for a wild ride.

5:00pm: I can hear Dave Johnson talking to me! And when are we, my fellow CSN viewers, going to get a Cheeburger Cheeburger in DC or VA?

5:04pm: Oh my. Dave and Thomas are discussing the importance of goalkeeping in this match. I just saw that goal that Crayton surrendered with some dangerous ball handling (was it against Chivas?) I hadn't seen that yet. But I know a lot of people were predicting something like that. I'm really happy that I wasn't watching that live. That would have hurt.

5:07pm: Bench players are 15 - Dyachenko, 17 - Khumalo, 23 - Martinez, 99 - Moreno, 2 - Peralta, 3 - Vide, 1 - Wells

00: WHISTLE - Let's do this.
01: Free kick for DC in offensive third. Good early chance. Burch puts it up in the sun, but Hesmer takes care of it. 'Tino with some early hard D that is allowed by the ref (Mark Geiger), but let's hope his aggressiveness doesn't catch up with him. Although I guess this is do-or-die, so play on!
05: Doe to Emilio who leaves it for Guerrero who unleashes a bomb, but it goes over the bar. They should have done better with that, but it is good to see early chances and that they are communicating and seeing each other.
09: Janicki with a great sliding tackle to break up a nice Schelotto ball for A. Moreno.
11: McTavish just beats Moreno for a ball played through. Nice D.
12: Emilio thwarted IN THE BOX by Brian Carroll. Corner kick is OFF THE POST by Namoff. Are you kidding me? Two fantastic chances - good to see!
17: Overlapping run by Namoff and then his cross just sucked. Right now DC is dangerous and the CLB defense looks shaky. They are poorly clearing stuff and turning the ball over in dangerous places. We need to convert one of these SOON!
22: If CLB scores, it is coming from A. Moreno. They keep playing him balls over the top and he's doing well with them but so far has been turned away by Janicki and McTavish.
25: Amarillo caution for Emilio for persistent fouls. Is he frustrated already?
32: McTavish gets yellow after a tackle on Eddie "That's So" Gaven. If you don't get that reference, don't worry. It is REALLY stupid.
34: Ref gives a horrible free kick outside DC's 18 when DC defender interferes with Gaven who had NO CHANCE to get to that ball. Luckily offside on the free kick.
36: Very good counterattack involving Fred, Emilio, Doe. Nothing doing. Encouraging, though.
39: I was just about to say that Quaranta had been quiet so far when he just teed one up from outside the 18. He was off balance from the start though and put it over the bar.
42: Namoff steals it, drops it for Emilio and he BLASTS it, just wide.
stoppage time: HOLY SH*T - Emilio off the post, cleared by Hejduk. Subsequent corner is headed over and that the first half whistle.

Breathe. 0-0.

  1. Just as the match was beginning, Dave Johnson mentioned that the expansion draft for the Seattle Sounders is coming up. Advice to DCU: if Seattle takes Dyachenko, do not make a trade to get him back. Just consider it as a "meant to be" situation.
  2. In response to reader comments, yes, I think we are controlling the match. Lots of good chances for us, lots of awkward clearing by their defense and the post saves them TWICE. Very frustrating.
  3. As much as I'd like to see Moreno come in for the second half, both Emilio and Doe are playing well up top and working well together. Maybe Jaime can take over for Simms and try to distribute from the midfield.
45: Whistle. GOALS! Lots of them. No lineup changes at this time.
46: Namoff involved in a collision with A. Moreno. He's trying to walk it off (knee to his thigh), but DCU is down a man right now.
47: Namoff reenters. He'll be sore tomorrow.
51: Was that Crayton's first save? Free kick for DCU outside CLB's box.
52: Burch drives the ball into the wall and creates some confusion but CLB clears and then Burch takes out GBS for a yellow.
53: JAIME MORENO in for McTavish!
55: Not sure where the free kick for CLB came from (I was getting that first beer), but Chad Marshall almost got a head to that. Whew.
57: Quaranta finds Emilio with a through ball that CLB manages to clear for a corner
58: Corner is cleared but Burch's placement was good.
59: Another chance is wasted. Doe centers, Fred steps over (dummies) and Jaime puts it over the bar. He should have buried it. FAIL!
62: Fred has a nice chance and tries to bend it with the outside of his foot but Hesmer gets it no problem.
63: Corner for DC - uneventful.
65: BC carded for interfering with Jaime's attempted restart.
68: Khumalo looking to come in - he's in for Doe.
71: Khumalo's first time in the offensive third results in a good cross and a quality chance, but Emilio puts it over the bar.
72: Moreno controls and leaves it for Emilio who touches to Guerrero who RIFLES it on frame and Hesmer makes a crazy good save. Corner.
72: Jaime takes it and Khumalo puts if off the crossbar from almost point blank. Jeebus, this is craziness!
74: Peralta is getting ready to enter.
75: Peralta for Namoff.
76: Columbus scores - guess how - off the post. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! 1-0 for the home side. Someone named Brad Evans.
80: Columbus supporters are chanting "No More Playoffs!" I am angry. Trying to prevent myself from turning into the Hulk.
83: Running out of time. We need 2 goals. The frame of the goal should be sufficiently weakened due to repeated stresses that any shot will collapse the goal frame and the ball will roll over the line.
84: Set piece for United. Top of the box.
85: Off the wall and went JUST wide. Corner. Good centering by Fred and headed out for another corner. Meh. Goal kick. There is so much action right now that I am not doing it justice, but bottom line, still 1-0.
88: Pat Noonan for GBS.
89: Crayton just put a long goal kick into touch. Ugh.
90: Jaime just dribbled around in a circle and then evaded 2 defenders. That man is magic. 3 minutes of stoppage.

FINAL WHISTLE. Red Bulls are through. :(


Rongen just said, "The better team did not win today." I totally agree. Top marks to Doe, Janicki, Moreno, Fred, Namoff. Everyone gave everything they had for the entire match and no one should hang their head over the effort and the quality on display. Except for the result and the implications of that result, that was actually a really awesome match. Marks to both teams and good luck to CLB in the playoffs, despite your supporters. On the other hand, commentor jrnail23 said...

When Peralta came into the game, I turned to my girlfriend and said... "watch, we're about to give up a goal... I don't know why, it's not always his fault, but when this guy comes into the game, the defense turns to crap."

Am I psychic, or what?!?
Ugh. I have to agree with that too. Evans simply had too much space and hit a beauty shot... off the post and in.

Debrief to come. I'm kind of drained right now. I hope you enjoyed following along with me. Leave your six word recap suggestions in the comments.


At 26 October, 2008 17:00, Blogger beanjah said...

God Bless you Bob. I am working today and I can't possibly wait for the slow MLSnet matchtracker to update me. I'm along for the ride.

At 26 October, 2008 17:04, Blogger Bob said...

I'll do my best, beanjah, but I can't possibly hope to do a play-by-play. But I'll do my best. And I pour some out for you when I open my first beer. In the meantime, I'm still hydrating, post-workout. But glad to know that someone is out there.

At 26 October, 2008 17:08, Blogger beanjah said...

No need for a play by play, just some general observations, the time , and the score. I'm easy to please.

At 26 October, 2008 17:59, Blogger beanjah said...

wow! are we controlling the game as much as it reads like we are controlling the game. sure looks like a lot of chances.

excellent work in the first half, keep it up.

At 26 October, 2008 18:11, Blogger HoratioVB said...

Argghhh the post! Good hustle by DC in the first half though.

At 26 October, 2008 18:44, Blogger James said...

When Peralta came into the game, I turned to my girlfriend and said... "watch, we're about to give up a goal... I don't know why, it's not always his fault, but when this guy comes into the game, the defense turns to crap."

Am I psychic, or what?!?

At 26 October, 2008 19:01, Blogger HoratioVB said...

Well, that is that. Heart in stomach. A fitting end to an ugly season. First things first, fire Tom. Injuries or not, we underplayed to our potential all season.

At 26 October, 2008 19:18, Blogger HoratioVB said...

Ok, now that I vented, I can more objectively talk about the game.

Our boys played great. The will to win was there. The effort was there. Unfortunately the post/crossbar was there too, multiple times. The goal allowed was a beauty, and not much to do about it.

Man of the match for me was Janicki. He was solid throughout and gives hope for the future of our defense.

At 26 October, 2008 20:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which soccer god did we offend?

Although I have to say, while we played well, I didn't feel like we were dominating Columbus. And after the Crew scored, you could see the weight of all those games played come crashing down on the team. The last 15 minutes we were tired, deflated, and didn't want it enough. Not that I can blame them.

I'm unclear as to what sacrifices I should offer this winter. Should I clip out anti-soccer rants from Kornheiser and Wilbon, shred them, and burn them with incense? Should I buy an authentic Bobby Boswell Dynamo jersey, and cheer them to another cup? Should I buy an authentic Zach Wells jersey, bury it (respectfully) at midnight in an unmarked grave, while chanting seven Hail Marys, seven Our Fathers, and every song on the Barra Brava playlist? Or perhaps I should buy a medical model of every injury sustained by a United player, grind them all into powder, and mix that into a concrete that I can then use to build a shrine to the spirit of El Diablo?

Help me, I'm confused. So confused...


At 26 October, 2008 20:27, Blogger Bob said...

grunthos - can I copy this and make it a post? I want everyone to see it. Classic. Hilarious. Right on.

If you need help with any of those tasks, I'd be happy to help. Anything to keep me off the bottle this long, sad winter.

At 26 October, 2008 20:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

6 words:

Columbus one DCU zero Crossbar three


At 26 October, 2008 21:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seven Word Summary For Entire Season:

"We Looked Flat - What Can I Say"

Look back to each game where Soehn had a summary response relating to the team "coming out flat" in the first half or the second half or the last 20 minutes... whatever... I like Soehn... I really do... he's honest and - unfortunately - he's right... too much of the season involved the team looking "flat" when it really matter...

Tonight's game was an important one - but it is hard to get too excited by the outcome given how many games we have had to watch where the team chose to simply not show for stretches of the game... Look back across the schedule and pick one game - one single game - that we should have one if we played with as much punch as we played tonight...

At 26 October, 2008 22:12, Blogger Amazed Daily said...

Six word recap:
The season wasn't lost in Columbus.

At 26 October, 2008 22:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob, you absolutely have my permission. Anything I can do for the community. :)

If only that muse struck me more often... wait, that might mean DCU would have to have heartbreaking losses more often... strike that thought!


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