26 October 2008

Liveblogging today's match at 5pm-ish

  1. OK, so The Black & Gold Standard finally deigns to mention today's match. Even though the previous post was them already looking past us to the first round of the playoffs. Let's hope that is the theme of today's match. Their post today attempts to jinx us by recapping our last match against the Revs and by mentioning that Twellman scored the first goal against us. I'm surprised that they didn't somehow mention - uh, what's his name - Chad Barrett.
  2. The Marine Corps Marathon is currently in progress and the runners went right past my condo building this morning in Mile 3. I saw two runners wearing DC United gear. Vamos!
  3. While liveblogging the match later, I'll be watching the Moreno v Moreno matchup. Looking back, Alejandro scored both goals in the two clubs' last meeting. I'll have my Bolivian National Team jersey on under my DC United jersey.
  4. I'm hoping for a WHITEWASH tonight!