08 April 2005

Pumas and Palace

No local media coverage today, but yesterday's "The Clean Sheet" did have Tino Palace's observations. Now, tell me, what was the point of this article? His criticism seems to be that "United...needed to find a way to win this match." How, precisely? Would he have subbed differently? Put four on the back line? Not have moved Gros from Right mid to left? Well, no, the most constructive observation I see here is this:
...he [Moreno] may have just been dumbfounded at the inability of U.S. home sides, club or national, to ever have a referee treat them as they would a Mexican team playing in Mexico

That's the best we got? Please. United showed class in not overly protesting the penalty when it was awarded. Only after the conversion, after the draw itself, did United seem to protest. Which, to be honest, I wish they hadn't. There's too much of a "now we'll never win..." feeling to that. And I think DCU has a shot. Not as a good as with a 1-0 or 2-1 result, but a good shot none-the-less. I'll be listening Wednesday.