04 August 2005

Boot to the Head
You Missed

1 Richmond Kickers : DCU 3, US Open Cup

No, I couldn't do the audio feed. Stupid !@#!@# Verizon. But it sounds like an entertaining game, a game where Gomez came off the bench and didn't sub Adu out. Both had productive outings, Troy Perkins got some time in the nets, and DCU moves onward in the quest for a double. Next game is August 24: FC Dallas @ DCU in Germantown, MD. Wow.

In other news, the Metros Playoff Failure got off to the right start, as the Metros go down to Rochester 3-1.

It also sounds like, despite the 2 goal win, the Kickers put up something resembling a fight. In short, they were not overwhelmed. My impression is that the gap between the A league and MLS is closing, even as the gap between MLS and the rest of the world has tightened. That's a lot of US Soccer depth.

Fixture list here.


At 04 August, 2005 16:13, Blogger kj said...

In honour of your blog's tagline, at half time of last night's Minnesota-Colorado game, Mike Petke leaned over to us in the Thunder supporters and said, "you guys are f-ing awesome!" It was priceless.. as was the 4-1 beating our boys put in the Rapids.

At 04 August, 2005 17:23, Blogger D said...

Glad Mike is still representing the game well. He always was one to appreciate good fans, even if they weren't his own. Saw the hurting that Minnesota put on Colorado, and I am quite impressed. Might have to revise my previous pick of the Rhinos as the A league team to go deepest into the Open Cup.

At 07 August, 2005 21:19, Blogger Basil said...

Go Richmond! ;-)


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