30 August 2005

Know when to hold 'em

Mike Doughty apparently covers "The Gambler" on his iTunes EP. Also, he apparently covers "Strange Powers" from the Magnetic Fields Holiday album, which was my favorite song on that disc. What does this have to do with anything? Well, the sharp eyed may have noticed that the "Chelsea Won" box has come down. It has been one month, I have paid my debt to ChesleaBlog, and the link no longer must remain, spoiling the red, white, and black color scheme I have going here...

But it was fun, having a cross-bet blog, so it must be time to do it again. Kali over at Real Salt Lake has kindly accepted the challenge. If DCU wins Wednesday, 300 non-ironic words will appear on her blog on why she loves DCU. If RSL wins, I will have to do the same for Real Salt Lake, or donate money to her favorite charity, which, she being a grad student, is probably herself. She gets the choice of payoff there.

So c'mon DCU, time to bounce back from three consecutive losses (four if you count the 6-2 drubbing given at the Hall of Fame game).