16 October 2005

One Title Down

DC United Reserves 2 : 1 Columbus Crew Reserves

I'll address the final MLS Season game in a bit, but today marked a continuation of a proud tradition. Adding to a list of firsts (First MLS Cup winner, First MLS continental cup winner, First MLS repeat champions) the DC United Reserves defeated the Columbus Crew reserves at the RFK training pitch, winning the first ever MLS Reserve Division Title. About 300 people turned out, in full voice, to watch a fairly well contested match. Troy Perkins made a few key saves, Nick Van Sicklen got the first one in the nest (read: net. And, well, no, Jamil got that goal. See the comments. I thought the ball ricocheted off a Columbus defender, but apparently it was Jamil's head. Oops. This is why I am not an official score keeper.) nope , but Jason Thompson gets the game winning goal from nice cross by Tim Merritt. For me, the standout was Nana Kuffour, who made himself a pest around the midfield all game long. Jamil Walker, whose performance in the Reserve Division helped push him up the depth chart, showed the typical dangerous speed, and a scary moment when he collided in the Columbus box and was down for a good two minutes.

Amidst cheers, chants of "Same Time, Next Month" and "This Looks Familiar", the reserves got a cup which was promptly filled with Reserve Division Champagne (Cristallino? What the hell is that?).

United's photo gallery is here(and check out the snazzy cup and champion t-shirts). Much better photos than the one I got, but mine at least has Boz with a bottle (and yes ladies, he's just as much a gentleman was you think he is):
The only moment of embarrassment for me was not the miscue that led to the lone Columbus goal, but me accidentally swearing at Shawn Kuykendall on a mistouch before I remembered I was sitting near his parents. They didn't seem to notice. At the end, with a team twenty-thousand dollars richer (which works out to, what, a grand a person? Freddy, pass on your share) I think everything was forgotten.


At 17 October, 2005 01:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Van Sicklen may have gotten the first one in the nest, but I am pretty sure Walker got the first one in the net.

At 17 October, 2005 08:35, Blogger D said...

Ooops, stupid typos. Must correct that, which I will. I'm pretty sure Nicky got the first goal, but I guess I'll have to wait for a game report to check on that. The down-side of reserve games is the lack PA announcements :)

At 17 October, 2005 10:25, Anonymous Joe said...

The best thing about those games is how everyone can hear each other perfectly. Fans, refs, players, players' girlfriends, etc. They're a well-kept secret that I hope remains well-kept for a while longer.

At 17 October, 2005 10:53, Blogger D said...

That's true. It's nice to know that the players swear as much on the pitch as I do when they do something wrong. And it is simply fun to watch. I was only at two this year, but I think I'm gonna try and make a few more next year.


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