21 November 2005

Not Funny Ha-Ha, but Funny Oooof-Ick

I suppose I should blog about the hernia situation. I think that may be the most depressing sentence I have ever written. But still, the major news out of DCU is that Christian Gomez has undergone successful hernia surgery, which will take two or three weeks of recovery (but may decrease the distance he's able to get the next time he tries to give CJ Brown a windshield wash). If there's anything funny about this, it's the picture that DCU has decided to put up accompanying the story, which just screams for a Freudian analysis. In terms of actual soccer analysis, one wonders only if this is why Christian seemed to flag at around the 60' mark.

By the way, if you've always wondered, but were afraid to ask, here's what it means.

Oh, and DCU-alum Bobby Convey is apparently a beast out in Reading. Say what you will, but it's nice to hear something about an MLS alum going overseas, then sent to the bench, other than "He then decided he was homesick" or "after feuding with his coach..."