15 December 2005


Okay, this time I should have enough time to respond to comments... The DCenters Interview Series moves to the next subject with Vice President of Marketing Jamie O'Connor. We'll be discussing the image of DC United as well as what DC United as a brand means. This time I'm actually announcing the interview before having conducted it, so if you have some questions you are curious about, get them to me by Friday morning and I should have time enough to consider them for my question set.

If you're curious, it usually takes me a bit to actually write a coherent post once the interview is conducted, so I'm hoping to have this post on next Wednesday.


At 15 December, 2005 13:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the Marketing guy... Something that has struck me in the past about marketing.
DC has won four championships. Four stars on the jersey under the shield. Something to be proud of. Except that in some of the marketing, (including the website) its just the DCU logo sans stars. My suggestion would be to always include the stars with everything the team puts out. Including the stars shows pride, tradition and sparks curiosity among the new players. Of course, there is the pesky drawback of having to re-do the marketing materials every year to add new stars. :)

At 15 December, 2005 13:34, Blogger D said...

Good point, I will be sure to bring that up.

At 15 December, 2005 14:44, Anonymous Matt said...

Adding a star every year would be a great thing to have to pay for.

I'm sure DC Centers can take up a collection if that is a concern!!!

Great point anonymous....I'm pissed that my DC replica jersey doesn't have three stars (I bought it before the fourth title)


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