11 May 2006

I'm looking for pound notes, loose change, bad checks anything...

Don Garber visits DC, and that makes the news. The Post's Dan Steinberg says that local ownership was the topic of the day. The Washington Times has a more indepth article on some interesting comments from Commisioner Don...

  1. MLS may be profitable by 2010 (really? Well, much better than hearing "We have enough money to make it to 2006...")
  2. Expansion will slow at sixteen teams.
  3. Garber really thinks DCU will get sold, and Poplar Point will happen. Of course, no timeline on any of that.

Well, interesting stuff. Been reading some interesting comments on the blog recently, but one popped out at me that'll serve for a later post today.


At 11 May, 2006 10:00, Blogger I-66 said...

I think ownership is a fair amounth closer than Don's letting on.


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