13 June 2006


Remember that discussion of getting a Satellite deal for MLS? Someone in DC is listening to Dave Johnson's calls on XM for the World Cup, and thinks it is a good idea. Since I can't get Tony L. over the air at my apartment, I am all for this. Of course, it might dip into the "AudioPass" revenue stream, but really, most of us have ponied up for the MLS.TV deal.


At 13 June, 2006 17:48, Blogger DCSportsChick said...

He is VASTLY superior to the dreck calling the games on TV. We watch the games on the tube with the sound off and listen to XM. Much better.

At 15 June, 2006 21:00, Blogger Bill-DC said...

Dave Johnson has been fantastic to listen to during this World Cup.

He did a great job during the Germany match yesterday.

O'Brien and Marcelo Balboa are unlistenable on TV. Thank goodness I had my iPod with me at the gym today during England-T&T.


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