22 August 2006

A Cup of Coffee, and Some DC Items

A Dark Side, a Light Side, and He Holds the Midfield Together: Josh Gros gets a nice write-up at ESPN from Jeff Carlisle, where they refer to him as a "duct-tape" player. Nice read.

DCist says "Get Thee to RFK": DCist with a fairly good write-up on DCU and the Open Cup. Yes, there are a few items of confusion, but regardless, they take the time to turn in an article that's better than many I've read. Plus the majority of commenters are knowledgeable. The more of this sort of thing, the better.

Before Lucio Filomeno...: ...There was Steve Guppy. Not a bad player, but an injury prone and expensive one. Here's an update, and the DCenters wishes him well.

Carnival Four: The Carnival of American Soccer #4 went live at My Soccer Blog, and has some interesting posts on the US Open Cup. Many more than I thought it would get, to be honest. Good reading all the way around.

Updates and Clarification: DC Sports Chick reports that girlie drinks were served at her Operation: Deflower! event. That's fine. I'm all in favor of fruit salads impaled on umbrellas and served with pastel colored alcohols. Very much so. Like Dave Foley, I too am a girly-drink drunk. And for a first hand report of the event, check out Mayhem by Miss M, and see that even when DC doesn't have its best game, it's important that the Supporters still bring it (and they always do).

Kinney Trial Over, Kinney Era Begins: I know that we called him a trialist when he started here, but having contributed so much in so short a time, I'm happy to say that Kinney has earned Senior Roster status. I mean, he wrote this blog's contribution to CAS #4, and wrote a much better article than I would have. We await his uniform number selection.


At 22 August, 2006 19:32, Blogger DCSportsChick said...

Just to clarify further, I have no problem with beer (and in fact, prefer it)- Miss M is the one who brought the girlie drinks. I have a reputation to maintain here!



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