04 October 2006

Yes, We Get It, You're a Tough Guy, Now Lay Down and Eat Some Soup

The morning news has a few nice stories. John Haydon hears from Brian Carroll that the team is still motiviated. Fine, but I'm still in the "rest the starters" category. And Steve Goff talks to Aleck Eskandarian, who says:

"I've already told the coaches that if I'm still hurt when the playoffs start, I'll play hurt," he said. "After a game, I can't walk. I know I'll pay the price, but I'll play if need be."

Very admirable. But here's the thing. Alecko, when you're hurt, you tend not to play particularly well. So I'd rather have you recovering on the bench than fighting through pain on the field. No one questions your toughness, but I do question what you can contribute in the name of proving your toughness. So take a seat until that knee is better. You're still young, no point in making a pointless statement and risking further injury. Get well kid.


At 04 October, 2006 09:56, Anonymous Joanna said...

I think at some point, he has to say stuff like that just to emphasize that yes he is committed to the team, and wants to contribute. The correct response from the coach and the team is to say no no, we want you healthy, take the time you need. It's one of those social rituals that you have to go through when you're part of a group effort and are unable to pull your weight for a time.

At 04 October, 2006 10:24, Blogger D said...

I suppose you're right. But I think the same "cult of macho" has backfired on a few teams, such as the Washington Nationals. I'd hate to see it cause problems here.


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