08 November 2006

Know Where You Stand. Or Bounce. And Sing.

Okay, in the aftermath after United's playoff exit, the chorus saying that Nowak should not return keeps getting louder. I've made my own decision on the matter, and as soon as I get a post written that accurately summarizes my view of the way things are, and is fair enough to the people that don't agree with me, I'll post it. That hasn't happened yet.

In the meantime, some excellent responses to the Canales article we talked about earlier. Read the comments, all of them, as I think they articulate a good response. Yes, I am too much in love with contrarian arguments, and I think the people who say Canales is wrong have the better of the argument. Brian Garrison also offers his thoughts, and they are well worth reading. In short - there's a difference between blind support and a supporter's job, and booing bad play isn't where that line is drawn. The argument that DC would have played better with a more hostile reaction is neatly disposed of between our commenters and Mr. Garrison. Nicely handled.

And in case you are wondering, yes, the media (particularly ESPN's writers... did Nowak grope Wynalda when I wasn't looking or something?) have settled on calling for Nowak to go down. Do I agree? I hope to answer that question today or tomorrow, depending on how much focus I can bring to bear on writing that post.