28 February 2007

You need you some Freedom

The big news is the return of a top Women's Professional Soccer League for 2008, and the induction of Washington Freedom alumnus Mia Hamm into the National Soccer Hall of Fame. The problem with these ceremonies is inevitably they focus on who was left out. For the record, Marco Etcheverry should be in the Hall of Fame. But not at the expense of the two worth recipients this year.

Also, with the announcement of a scheduled 2008 launch for the new Women's league, I've decided to put up a link to the Washington Freedom over on the right. 2008 seems a long way away, but I'm anticipating the return of the Freedom. Naturally, I support our local team, and in 2008 will certainly think about how best to incorporate Freedom coverage into this blog. However, we're a DC United blog first and foremost, and that's not going to change in the near future. Still, more soccer is always good. We like soccer.

Now if we can only get Aretha to sing the national anthem at all home games...



At 28 February, 2007 11:35, Blogger Oscar M. said...

According to Goff, its not a WUSA relaunch yet, just that investors for 5 teams have come forward.


At 28 February, 2007 12:51, Anonymous matt w said...

This is awesome news. The women's game is different, but good in its own way. I love 'em both.

It seems significant that Hendricks is the DC investor. Guess we can expect the Freedom to play at Poplar Point if and when that happens, and whether the women's league pulls off the marketing deal with SUM or not, co-branding of United and the Freedom. Maybe even discounted season tickets for fans of both?

At 01 March, 2007 07:07, Blogger Everett W. said...

It would be investors for six teams according to the press release, the sixth franchise location is just not decided yet. Goff's statement notwithstanding, the odds for the new women's league going ahead in '08 seem much better than not.


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