21 February 2007

Get To Know Them

First, the soccer related matters. A few new soccer related blogs are out, and have been added. Cue The Oles is the newest to our intimate family of D.C. United related blogs, and looks to be a fine addition. Welcome to the family Jeff. The Soccer Showand WV Hooligan have both been added to the general MLS Section. Check them out, as they have some nice content. (Late Update: the Port Halifax Idea Gateway looks like it'll also have some DCU related thoughts. Welcome!)

And this could quite possibly be the greatest gift to D.C. United bloggers ever: BobbyBoswell.COM will go live on 20 March. Giddy-up!

Finally, for those of you that can't get enough D in your life, ExperienceD is going live and will contain my non-soccer related writings. Self-indulgent? Oh yes.

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