20 March 2007

Around the Net

For your reading pleasure, to pass the time until we get official confirmation that we've got a better Fred under contract, I've collected this motley assortment of vaguely DC United posts.
  • The Metrologist responds to D's earlier post about self loathing, and after reading it, it seems Red Bull fandom is suited to a few tortured souls.
  • Vasco USA tries to predict the Eastern Conference and has unexpectedly high hopes for some teams.
  • Quarter Volley is a bit resentful of the fans who've asked about coming to see DB play against us in August. I say - make them come to another home game. Bundle that ticket like your local cable company bundles GolTV and FSC into the premium tier. Bonus points if your friends actually work for the cable company.
  • Ives looks at the USA midfield and expects our man in the midfield Brian Carrol will see the field.
  • Bobby Boswell's blog is set to launch today, the Far Post has the plan to win some tickets.



At 20 March, 2007 10:40, Blogger The Metrologist said...

Ah, comments are working for me today. Saves me from having to write another too-long post.

Two problems with this "self-loathing" bit:

- I don't loathe myself a bit, in fact. If you asked around, you'd hear that it's probably a little more to the other extreme, but I digress.

- I'm anything but an "RBNY fan". I'm not waiting around for RB to get good so then I can be happy. I don't see that happening, first off, but more importantly it's Metro to me. Was, is, and ever will be, that is unless the next owner gives the team a halfway decent identity, then we'll try and build again from that.

I DO loathe the company that bought us, their crap product, the fact that the whole business is based on cheekily spun lies consumed by stupid people, and I think the Brave New World of branded team ownership/fandom/"sports experience" that they represent is the death of the world soccer culture I love. I'd hate to see more of this shit, here or abroad, so I won't shut up about it just yet.

In that respect, yeah, I guess you could say I root for the RBNY experiment to fail; I don't want to see our league take any more steps towards becoming PMLS - Post-Modern League Soccer.

(since someone is always likely to bring it up in response: no, the Metrostars weren't honestly a "branding exercise" for Metromedia, since that company wasn't even a going concern by 1996. No one here has ever seen a Metromedia corporate logo, much less had it slapped on as their team badge. Metro/Metros was the identity worked out by the fans over time; the number of times you ever heard diehard fans of the Metros going by the naturally silly "Metrostars" = maybe slightly more than the number of times DC diehards call your team "the Washington DC United.")

For cripes' sake, I take pains to not even write out R B, because I'll be damned if I'm going to give them any more impressions than I must. It's not self-loathing, not when I don't identify a bit with RB.

I do loathe being an American soccer fan without a real team to cheer for, only a silly and ultimately doomed marketing gambit, especially after ten years of trying to help this thing grow. And that kinda gets the dander up, and is the root of the angsty-angst right there.


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